About Us

Join us August 24 in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

Join us at THE DOCK at Montrose Beach on July 3!

From Cambridge to M.I.T.; from NASA to Silicon Valley– it is a researched and established fact that The B-52s are the best party band in the universe. But, despite The B-52s skills in paranormal activity, they are unable to be everywhere all the time. So, Planet Claire was created to entertain, delight, amuse, rock, and roll the masses with spot-on B-52s songs and an amazing stage show. Plus, Planet Claire brings their own brand of B-52s magic to so many other great party songs.

Bands like Prince, The Bangles, Culture Club, The Clash, and even Nancy Sinatra get the Planet Claire treatment to make any event not only a B-52′s party, but a no-holds-barred, rip-roaring shin-dig to remember.

Soaring beautiful vocals from Cindy and Kate, high-energy schtick from Fred, and the best musicianship in the country, you will not only NOT miss The B-52s, you will fall in love with Planet Claire.

Planet Claire is Scott Anderson as Fred Schneider, Leilani Frey at Kate Pierson, Bekki Anderson at Cindy Wilson, with Edward Torrez on keyboard, Tom McCarthy on guitar, Jordan Kozer on drums, and Wayne Berquist on bass.